Berry Field

Strawberry Picking Underway in Brentwood!

If you are in the Brentwood area, it is definitely time to go pick some incredibly sweet strawberries.

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Recently went exploring some great farms in our local community. And below is their discovery.

Two weeks ago on an early Wednesday morning, we decided to stop by a strawberry u-pick farm for some early morning “stop and smell the flowers” moments.

If you ever need one of those at this time of the year (May-June), stop by for a few minutes of fruit-picking in one of the u-pick farms.

As we’ve always recommended to Brentwood area residents, if you are in the area and can afford to do your fruit-picking during a weekday, do so. It is a whole lot better than joining the crowd on a weekend. There’s less traffic, less pickers, more parking spaces, and better quality fruits.

You can take all the pictures you want. Pose as much as you want, or find that perfectly-shaped fruit to take a picture of.

You can even have a nice, relaxed chat with the farmer.

The farms  are usually open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. during fruit-picking season but make sure you call the farm for their hours, because it can sometimes vary depending on fruit availability. Make sure you check the Harvest Time Brentwood website for the contact information of the different farms.

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Nature is in abundance in Brentwood, it’s one of the things that makes Brentwood, a rich agricultural community located in the East Bay region of the San Francisco Bay Area, one of the most beloved rural communities in the state.

So take some time to stop by and experience all the goodness at local farms throughout the Brentwood community where several fresh berry-picking opportunities are available throughout the season.

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