Summer is here, so it’s time to make a splash with a new twist on your home decor.

“Similar to fashion, home décor is seasonal and should be refreshed to reflect the changing seasons. We suggest keeping a linen closet or storage totes full of accessories that you can rotate in and out throughout the year,” said Edith Garcia, a member of the design team at Pacific Dimensions.

Put away fake foliage, especially if it’s a darker color. Then, pull out a decorative tray and stock it with a pitcher and glasses that stand ready to refresh and entertain. Add some summer blooms in brightly colored vases and a bowl of lemons for added hue and fragrance.

Clean, clear glass beverage dispenser from Crate & Barrel serves water on a grand scale.

Go light and easy. Put away all those heavy blankets that you kept on hand for chilly spring evenings and pull out lightweight linen duvet covers. Curtains can also be easily exchanged in the same way — simply opt for breezy sheers that can be tied back to let the light stream through.

West Elm offers lines that keeps you cool in the summer, making it a dreamy choice for the bedroom.

Put away darker-colored, ornate items for fresher, cleaner look. Then, bring out some bright and white accessories. Think, throw pillows or wall hangings awash in orange or maize, sea-foam blue or a subtle sandy shades for warmth and good vibrations.

String paper lanterns along trees and outdoor structures for a romantic summer glow and pull in hearty succulents from your outdoor gardens to be fashioned into beautiful indoor arrangements.

Ultimately, the key to achieving pleasing decor is to surround yourself with what you find pleasing, whether it’s soft lighting or bright colors. The rest is all about surrounding yourself with comfort and having a little fun.

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