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For initial quality, long-term value, comfort and convenience, a brand-new TRI Pointe home is one of the smartest purchases you will ever make. Just look at all the advantages that a newly constructed home offers, compared with a used home:

1. New Home Warranties
Your entire home and virtually everything in it will be covered for at least one full year by a company with respected homebuilding credentials and a commitment to you that extends beyond the close of escrow. In California, TRI Pointe Homes will also guarantee the structure of your home for 10 years. Manufacturers of appliances and other new products that are included in your home offer their own warranties as well. In most used homes, warranties have already expired.

2. Energy Efficiency
Today’s new homes are required to adhere to stricter standards for energy efficiency than yesterday’s homes. To meet those requirements, TRI Pointe Homes is using a wide range of energy saving components—from dualpane low-E windows and Energy Star appliances to improved insulation and high-performance heating and air conditioning systems—that offer homeowners lower utility bills.

3. Floor Plan Options
Most new home communities offer you the opportunity to make your home fit your lifestyle by selecting from an array of floor plans and room options, including extra bedrooms, bonus rooms, dens, offices and more. With a used home, what you see is what you get.

4. Modern Appliances
Dated appliances are among the first things you’ll notice when visiting a used home. By contrast, a new TRI Pointe home offers the latest in state-of-the-art appliance design and technology.

5. Lower Maintenance Costs
With a new TRI Pointe home, you don’t have to wonder how long it will be before things start to break down. That’s because TRI Pointe Homes incorporate the newest in building technology and materials. As a result, they offer low maintenance for many years to come.

6. Homesite Selection
Being able to select a particular homesite is as important as selecting the type of home that suits your needs and the community that is most appealing to you.

7. Financing
When it comes to securing a mortgage on a used home, you’re pretty much on your own. But with a TRI Pointe new home, we will do the work for you, matching you up with our Preferred Lender who is familiar with new construction to expertly guide you through the process and will find the best possible financing to meet your needs.

8. Personalized Decorating Choices
A brand-new TRI Pointe home gives you a blank canvas for expressing your own tastes and preferences, instead of living with or replacing a previous owner’s choices. You’ll have the opportunity to select flooring style and color, countertop color and materials, window coverings, appliances and more to reflect your own sense of style.

9. Maximum Value
Value means getting the very most for your home-buying dollars, and with a new TRI Pointe home, you get just that. That’s because everything about it—the roof, the floors, the appliances, the windows—is totally new. No used home can compare with that.

10. Desirability
From our exquisite exterior designs and interior appointments, TRI Pointe homes are simply more desirable than homes that have that ‘lived-in’ look. They are designed by premier residential and landscape architects, and they reflect the styles and trends of today.