Ah, Valentine’s Day. It’s so beautiful, so romantic, so…expensive! Of course, Valentine’s Day is a wonderful time for couples to shower each other with gifts and affection, but let’s face it, sometimes the pressure to meet a sweetheart’s expectations on this day can be a little daunting.

For those looking for romantic, sure-to-please Valentine’s Day ideas that won’t break the bank, why not consider wooing your best guy or girl within the comforts of your own home.

Romance at TRI Pointe HomesConsider the following ideas for keeping home where the heart is:

  • Pack a picnic basket filled with cheese and crackers, chocolates and strawberries and maybe even a bottle of sparkling cider and simply step outside your patio door. Munch on the tasty treats while you take in the beautiful view from your own patio. Or take the show on the road with a quick bike ride to a local park or hike the beautiful breezeways.
  • A home-cooked meal served by candlelight and on your best china is always an easy-pleaser. Not thrilled at the idea of slaving over the meal in your gourmet TRI Pointe Homes kitchen? No problem. Your favorite take-out meal served on those best dishes in the splendor of the dining room typically reserved for company will do the trick. Top it off with a devilish dessert and a smooth groove for a truly romantic night.
  • Never underestimate the power of a magical fireside chat. Share a glass of wine next to a crackling fire in the fireplace, then watch the sparks fly. Got kids that you can’t escape for the evening? Bring the party outdoors, light up the fire pit, toast marshmallows and hot dogs and then snuggle in closer to keep warm on these chilly Northern California nights.
  • Spacious master bathroom suites, a standard feature in many TRI Pointe Homes, offer a truly dreamy escape from the hazards of daily life, so why not transform the space into your own luxury spa for the evening? Stock up the bath with soothing oils and fragrant lotions for a romantic massage. Don’t forget the bubble bath, delicious chocolates and a bottle of your favorite champagne for a night that you both will never forget.

What are some of your most successful Valentine’s Day experiences? Share them in the comments section below!

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