holiday cheer

Welcome Your Guests with Holiday Cheer

For those looking to make a great first impression with their homes this holiday season, the foremost thing to consider is your front porch décor. Yes, there is such a thing. But, we’re not really talking about curb appeal here. We’re talking about a design that blends the exterior to the interior for a seamless, cohesive look and feel.

The front of a home is more than just a portal to the indoors; it’s a living, breathing welcome mat that invites guests into the comfort of your home. And its friendly design exudes a message of warmth and hospitality.

So, where to begin?

  • Lush holiday wreaths and poinsettias look festive during the winter months. But, if your front porch is roomy enough for a plush wicker set or a breezy swing and white rockers, add red and green holiday-themed pillows and throw blankets into the mix.
  •  Light up your native plants and a few blooming flowers with white and multi-colored lights of varying sizes for added dimension. And outdoor decorative outdoor rugs can soften the space and add cheer with a special holiday message.
  • Flameless candles encased in lanterns create a quaint, warming presence. And pine cones and sprigs of pine, whether in a wreath or a sweeping swag along a front porch banister appeal to the senses with a fresh and prickly fragrance.
  • Smaller porches tend to be more transitional, but that hardly means you have no seasonal design options. A freshly-painted or gift-wrapped door framed by holiday-hued carriage lights can serve as a welcome invitation to enter. With limited space, consider adding decorative Christmas-themed wall hangings and tall, slender potted greenery in your design, then decorate with large, shiny balls and sparkly accents as you would your Christmas tree.

Whatever you choose, make sure your front porch provides a hearty welcome to all your friends and family. We’d love to see how you have designed your front porch for the holiday season! Send us a pic, or just swing by to say hello.


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