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You Know it’s Spring in Northern California When …

The nights may still be chilly in Northern California, but the earth is slowly waking from her winter slumber. So, how do you know when spring has arrived in Northern California?

For one, the California coast, including San Francisco experiences some of the clearest skies of the year. Snow is melting in the upper regions of the state, so that rivers and waterfalls are now gushing and flowing at full capacity.

And green. Everything goes green and flowers pop and bloom after the winter rains have replenished the typically arid California soil.


There are a few more tell-tale signs of spring:

  • March is a ripe time for planting your spring garden. When the frosts have lifted, it is recommended that you plant culinary herbs such as chives, cilantro, dill, mint, oregano, parsley, rosemary, and thyme in a sun-splashed part of your garden. Start tomato seeds indoors on a sunny south-facing windowsill early in the month. And peas and potatoes prefer the cool growing conditions of March.
  • Migration is also a sign that spring has sprung. Up and down the California coastline, birds, including herons and egrets, will return to their native spots and begin to nest. Special birdwatching tours are available in the lush vineyards in Napa Valley. And grey whales will be easily visible in their annual trek up the coast from Mexico to Alaska.
  • Meteor showers have a way of brightening the California skies at this time of year. Lift your eyes to the night sky in April you will see shooting stars lighting up the night when the Lyrids showers overtake the region. Special stargazing opportunities are available in San Francisco.
  • Wildflowers carpet the California landscape, especially after a season of rain and just the right temperature patterns in the winter. Some of the best spots for viewing the blooming along the Bay Area hills and trails and in the East Bay Regional Park District.
  • Finally, one of the best ways to know that it’s spring in California? The residents are out and about, taking in the sun and scenery at parks, beaches and historic landmarks before the summer tourist season begins.

How do you plan to celebrate spring this year? Glimpsing the flower fields in and around the Bay Area? Or diligently planting your own home garden? Tell us in the comments section below.

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