When infusing a new sense of spirit and authenticity into home décor, we often feel led by a theme. This is certainly a fine way to go, but there are some things to consider before committing yourself to a set pattern of décor.


We asked our Interior Designer Vickie Bergstrom, with Mullen and Bergstrom, how her team successfully incorporated a design theme at Jordan Ranch:


“At Quartz, we embraced a lake house theme (as pictured here in Plan 3),  to evoke a feeling of a windswept shoreline and salty sands that meet the lake’s gentle lapping waves. This was accomplished with a very light design touch, with soft sandy hues accented by beachy blues and a nod to water fun. We didn’t need to toss a big boat in the middle of the room, but we did have fun incorporating a boat-shaped bookshelf.



“Also, keep in mind that not everything needs to match. Items such as pillows, paints and fabrics can relate and have a similar vibe. To match perfectly would produce a dull space, void of imagination and flair. Adding a pop of color or even incorporating natural textures are great ways to liven a room.


“One wonderful aspect of working with a pattern is the broad range of design possibilities that are available to you. As we envisioned our lake house theme, we imagined beyond the obvious fun and sun elements associated with a lake house vacation. We thought about such activities as taking a nap, reading and playing board games as a family. We considered beaches, hiking, outdoors stuff and fishing. Doing so gave us more to work with than just the traditional boats and sails.


“Finally, when decorating your home, be true to yourself. Make yourself happy. Your best friend doesn’t have to approve. What you and your family like is what is important. It’s perfectly OK to choose designs that allow your family to function comfortably. Then you will be happy with what you do and most likely your best friend will love it, too!”

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